What size am I..?

After reading Angela’s inspiring blog post this afternoon, I felt really, well, good. Since this is exactly the mindset I find myself falling more and more into each day, and with each new day my self love and appreciation seems to grow and flourish and it’s just so beautiful and AMAZING.

Reading about the “size” issues reminded me of something that happened just last week.. A friend of mine (no names here) showed me a picture of her wearing the prom dress she’d finally decided on this year. (Prom is getting soooo close! I still need to order my dress..!) I told her it looked FANTASTIC and couldn’t wait to see it in person. She smiled but said “it’s not a size 4 though!” I said “What does size matter?” And she said “Well my mom said a size 8 is a super fat size..”

I couldn’t believe it. Who’s MOTHER would force her child into thinking in such a negative way? I assured my friend that she is GORGEOUS and a perfect healthy size just the way she is. Her words still haunt me though.

I am begging to realize that a letter or a number mean little to me. I feel great now and that’s all that should matter. I’m beautiful just the way I am; all woman are.

What size am I? SIZE HEALTHY!! thank you, Angela! 🙂


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3 responses to “What size am I..?

  1. Hi! I read Angela’s post, too, and I liked the idea. Your shouldn’t judge yourself by your size and if the number dictates how you feel, then there is something much deeper going on than “feeling fat”. Welcome to the blogging community (I saw that you recently composed your first post)!

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