No buns!

First of all…has everyone heard of the “Double Down” KFC is hauling out? For those of you who haven’t,

all I can say is…”WTF”. I’ve never liked KFC, the sheer amount of grease made me feel sick to my stomach–even as a child. This is just depressing. I don’t understand food corporations sometimes. It seems like EVERY place has that one insane food item. Aaanyway, moving on!

I stayed home today with a cold, which meant I took a rest day. No exercise. It’s interesting, though. A few weeks ago I would have been wracked with exercise guilt. No more. I’ve come to see exercise as something I do to benefit myself, feel great, and make myself stronger. Not as something I NEED to do to burn ___ amount of calories because I splurged a little. I exercise because it makes me feel good, end of story. And when my body is exhausted, I know that pushing it to work is NOT what it needs on a day like today. Instead, I fed myself and relaxed. It feels fantastic. Before I put up todays eats, though, I want to do a recap of Easter weekend!

We had Easter dinner early on Saturday with Mom’s side of the family, I sadly forgot my camera..but a LOT was eaten. I left feeling over stuffed but it was so, so worth it. And heck, I only eat like that about 3 times a year, so really, who cares?

Sunday was the most GORGEOUS day yet! It was about 20 outside, and I could not beeelieve the weather! Mom and I went for a long bike ride which felt amazing, and I came home to have a late, light lunch. I knew exactly what I wanted.. a GM. 🙂

In my GM was;

1 c. unsweetened Almond Breeze

2-3 huuge handfuls spinach

1/2 banana

4 frozen strawberries

~1/2c. frozen mixed berries

1 T vanilla yogurt

a few slices mango

Sooo yummy and delicious. 🙂

Monday I went downtown, and had an aaaamazing lunch at Pete’s Fruitique, as always. Pete’s has the best food ever! And the quality is always unbelievable! I had the Ham sandwich;

Ham, provolone cheese, roasted peppers & mushrooms, tomato, cucumber, and a few black olives.


aaand now, today! The sick day eats!

mix of Kashi GOLEAN crunch & Optimum blueberry cinnamon cereal. With a kiwi.

Campbell’s Healthy Request “Vegetable Beef & Barley” soup with an Ezekiel english muffin! (Sooo yummy and filling! I didn’t eat the last few bites of the 2nd half of the muffin).

dessert marked a sad day..

the ADORABLE dark chocolate Lindt bunny my Mom bought me for Easter! I’m not a huge sweets person (I USED to be. I think it’s all the fresh fruit I eat now..less sugar cravings!) LOOK AT THAT CUTENESS. Who could eat that!?

Me, apparently.

Who really needs ears, anyway?

Have a lovely day everyone! 🙂



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2 responses to “No buns!

  1. You must be crazy because that Chicken bun sandwich looks delicious! haha What will they think of next?

  2. I think the grilled chicken one looks good, but it seems like waaay too much meat. I’m not a big fan of kfc either. hope you’re feeling better!

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