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Welcome to hump day everyone! I hope yours went well. 🙂 Mine was..like every other day i’ve been having lately. Hence the title. School is the sameee thing every day…bleh! I need variety, but I’m such a homebody/fittomyschedule it’s hard for me to make spontaneous plans and such. I also seem to let food cloud my decisions about going places, which needs to stop now. I will do this (already have been, actually). ANYWAY, on to the food~

breakfast was another toasted Ezekiel english muffin with some new ALMOND BUTTER i finally bought and more Crofter’s superfruit spread. Paired with some mango slices. Mmmmm.

That kept me reaally satisfied all morning (or maybe my appetite is just off today) so when I sort of got hungry right before lunch I gave most of my Kashi bar to Leah.

Lunch was consumed far too quickly to be photographed, but it was just 1 piece of leftover pizza from last night (YAY portion control) with a smallish salad and 1/2 an apple. That filled me up nicely so when I came home I only had a big cup of green tea, 1/2 a pear (had to toss it, it tasted chalky in my mouth :\ ) and some carrots with hummus. and a darvida cracker 😉

Supper was awesome. “broiled” “healthier” grilled cheese sandwiches with homemade sweet potato fries.

sorry about the photo! By the time I remembered to take a picture my meal was basically gone. This is what was left on Mom’s plate before she finished. To make MY grilled cheese healthier, I

  • sprayed some Pam on a baking sheet instead of buttering the bread
  • used whole grain whole wheat bread
  • used kraft 2% cheese
  • added tomato and TONS of spinach
  • put that all in the oven set to low broil and wait til one side toasts, flip, repeat!

It was super tasty and just as good as a normal sandwich. My appetite was crazy though but since i had YOGA tonight dessert wasn’t much. Some grapes..then some applesauce.

Tea in one of my favourite mugs. It says “2000” on the handle and a picture of Pooh bear & Piglet with text that reads “Cold days are meant for warm friends”. Awwww. It was given to me by a good friend of mine. 🙂

Yoga was AMAZING. We did a lot of back stretching which felt really nice~ I came home and snacked on a few handfuls of Old Dutch multigrain nacho chips though. 😐 Not the best choice but they’re so darn good ! I managed to stop myself and NOT go anywhere near overeating. Small steps at a time. 🙂

Night everyone!


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TWO blog posts in one day…OMG. New record. (What was the old one..? Hahaha..oh dear,i’m lame.) I last left you with a picture of my breakfast, which was happily consumed and then I went off to school. My Mom called me during my walk to school to tell me I had a doctors appointment at 11:45. No biggie, had some prescriptions that needed renewing. So went to Astronomy (favourite class of the semester! :)) and then got to miss math due to me having to walk to the appointment (AKA…NO MATH. YESSSSSSSSS.) My friend Leah came with me, as she didn’t want to go to class. (sssh!)

While Leah and I sat down to wait we were both hungry, so I broke out my mid-morning snack staple.. a KASHI GRANOLA BAR.

this one was “seven whole grains & almond”. I bought a box of ’em at Costco that had 3 different flavours (3 boxes!!) for the price of basically ONE. Oh, Costco. I love you. Leah and I shared this bar.

Now is when things turned..not so good. For some reason my doctors appointments are ALWAYS behind. They said i’d be in at 11:45 and didn’t end up being seen until 12:30!! Matt stopped by to get Leah (my friends Leah, Nicki and I always go to our friend Matt’s for lunch) and I was left to wait. By now I was very HANGRY. (Aka, feeling like I want to cry..hungry..cranky…etc.) I finally got to see the doctor, it took her TWO MINUTES to press a few keys and renew my prescription. I was MAD. Thankfully, Matt lived not so far from the office so I booked it down the main road/highway to his house (close to tears. DON’T JUDGE ME) to INHALE my lunch (a salad). No pictures, no time 🙂 and we all jump into Matt’s car to head back to school. Had one class after lunch then got to go home~ Once the hanger attack passed I was a-okay for the rest of the day. Does anyone else get like that or is it just me…?

After school I made a snack i’m growing to love..I turned to my 2 other best friends;

Kashi GOLEAN crunch cereal & Liberte organic non-fat yogurt in STRAWBERRY. Mixed 1/2 c. of yogurt with a sprinkling of cereal. I also threw in a small apple.

Planning to have a version of this for BREAKFAST tomorrow. 🙂 I’m trying to eat more varied breakfasts now. Oh, I also had a handful of Quaker Corn Bran squares cereal..not photographed. (I’m a “grazer” when it comes to snack, gotta cut down on that! Makes it hard to photograph everything :P) Also had a HUUUGEEE mug of green tea!

After my snack I took a BATH. Something I haven’t done in ages! It was relaxing. After my bath I started to make supper so it’d be ready for Mom when she got home. (She was home late today).

Last night since we had a pork roast, I made pork & pepper pasta with the leftover pork! This is SERIOUSLY one of my favourite meals. It’s DELICIOUS.

My serving. Also had a whole wheat roll. Went back for seconds…thirds..then picked at some of the unused plain pasta since it had to be thrown away. (What’s portion control?)

Dessert was FRUIT. I love how I crave fruit instead of chocolate, cake, etc…it’s so much more delicious! 🙂 We had bought a cantaloupe so I cut that baby open and threw in some grapes.

(I ended up drizzling about 2tsp of chocolate sauce over this after the photo was taken. Tee hee.)

Along with some tea in my favourite mug. (I’m a HUGE tea person. I drink it after supper every night without fail.)

Well that’s all for tonight! Until later everyone!! 🙂

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